The Big Banana
The Big Banana will be found near Coffs Harbour. It was among the first 'Big Things' and is a landmark on the highway. Just north of it is a full size Dutch Windmill in a motel grounds. I didn't include it here because it is only life size, but it is very impressive.
The Big Pineapple
The Big Pineapple will be found just south of Nambour in Queensland. Tours on a small railway operate throughout the plantation and there is a souvenir shop and cafe. The Big Cow is north of Nambour on the Eumundi Rd.
The Big Buffalo
Lefty, the Big Buffalo will be found near Darwin in the Northern Territory. I am not sure if it is still there, I took this photo some 20 years ago. See also the Big VB can below.
The Big Cow
The Big Cow will be found on the left side of the Eumundi Road just north of Nambour in Queensland. i was very impressed with this particular model.
The Big Egg
The Big Egg was on top of the Happy Hens Complex between Ballarat and Geelong in Victoria. It was removed when the tourism section of the complex was closed after persistent demonstrations from protesters against the use of battery hens. Thousands of children enjoyed the playground at Happy Hens until this minority of activists took it upon themselves to use their unemployed time, and our unemployment benefits, to raid the place. What a waste. (Opinion PW)
The Big Elephants
These Big Elephants will be found at the now closed Raj Mahal at the southern entrance to Woolgoolga in northern New South Wales. It was an Indian restaurant, but now is a bit overgrown and empty.
The Big Rocking Horse
The Big Rocking Horse will be found at Gumeracha in the Adelaide Hills and is on top of a toy factory. You can see and purchase well made toys here.
The Big Koala
The Big Koala will be found at Dadswell bridge on the Western Highway between Horsham and Stawell in Victoria. It houses a souvenir shop and there is a licensed cafe next door. Daswell Bridge also has a motel and caravan park.
The Big Lobster
The Big Lobster will be found at the northern entrance to Kingston in the South East of South Australia. This was another of the early 'Big Things' and a cafe and motel complex are built around it. You can get fresh lobster meals and snacks her in the season.
The Big Merino
The Big Merino will be found at the southern entrance to Goulburn in southern New South Wales. There is a service station and food bar adjacent.
The Big Orange
The Big Orange will be found near Berri in the Riverland of South Australia. It has been renovated and upgraded several times and reflects the citrus industry of the Riverland.
The Big Penguin
This 3 metre high penguin will be found at Penguin on the North-west coast of Tasmania.
The Big Prawn
The Big Prawn will be found at the southern entrance to Ballina in northern New South Wales. Pink and looks juicy.
The Big Rolling Pin
The Big Rolling Pin will be found in the shopping centre in the main street of Wodonga. It is atop a bakery where you can get some fabulous food. try the cake of the day - delicious.
The Big Murray Cod
The Big Cod is at Swan Hill in north western Victoria on the Murray River. The Murray Cod is one of the most delectable of fresh water fish found in Australian waters although introduced European Carp are claiming its habitat slowly. They can grow up to a metre in length.
The Big Bottle
The Big Bottle will be found in Tewantin in front of the House of Bottles. It is located in Myles St, Tewantin and is a fascinating building constructed from more than 35,000 bottles and includes a bottle museum with over 10,000 bottles ranging from 2,000 year old antiquities to recent ones.
The Big Olive
The Big Olive will be found on the northern side of the Dukes Highway just beyond Tailem Bend in South Australia, and to the east. It is in front of an Olive production factory and there is a visitor centre where you can get information and buy olive products.
'Map' the Miner
'Map', the miner will be found at the western entrance to Kapunda in South Australia and commemorates the mining industry and the workers.
The Big Shell
The Big Shell will be found in Tewantin at Noosa and is in front of a shell museum open to the public..
The Big Wicket
The Big Wicket marks the entrance to the oval at Westbury in Tasmania between Launceston and Devonport. Note the relief representing Sir Donald Bradman to the left of the gates.
The Big Apple
This Big Apple is on a fruit and vegetable outlet at Spreyton between Devonport and Latrobe in Tasmania.
It is not the best apple representation I have seen but certainly stands out.
The Big Platypus
The Big Platypus stands at the entrance to the Axemens Hall of Fame and Visitor Centre in Latrobe, Tasmania. Visitors are welcome to the complex which reflects the timber industry in Tasmania.
The Big Tennis Racquet
The Big Tennis Racquet is at Barellan in New South Wales, near Narrandera and marks the birthplace of Wimbledon winner Yvonne Goolagong..
The Big Tenpin
The Big Tenpin will be seen on Main Road at Moonah in Hobart Tasmania and is in front of a bowling alley..
The Big 'Thumbs Up'
This one took me by surprise as I drove past in Scottsdale, Tasmania. I suggest it reflects an optimistic outlook for the people of Scottsdale and Tasmania despite the hardships caused by the closing down of much of the timber industry by activists and tree-huggers - Maybe not!.
The Big Dragon
This 17 metre long dragon spans the front of the St Helens Visitor Centre in Tasmania and commemorates, and is part of, the 'Trail of the Tin Dragon'. A new feature reflecting the mainly Chinese tin miners who mined the north east of the state.
The Big Playable Guitar
This large guitar is usually inside the Narrandera Visitor Centre in New South Wales near Wagga Wagga but was taken outside briefly for photographs. It is in tune and can belt out a few tunes when the mood is right.
The Big Trout
The Big Trout is beside the road from Longford to Poatina, and the Lakes Country, at Cressy in Tasmania.
The Big Tasmanian Devil
The Trowunna Wildlife Park between Deloraine and Mole Creek in Tasmnania displays this fearsome looking fellow at the front of its park and Devil Research centre. It is open to the public daily.
The Big Cherries at Young
Young in New South Wales is an important cherry growing area and these are located on a stand near the visitor centre in the railway station.
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