Books I've Writ

I am not the worlds's best writer of books. In fact, I have only written 2.
The first was a book about Alice Springs which I published in 1983.
The centre pages were maps of Alice Springs and Central Australia and the remaining 100 pages were things to see and do, referenced to the map.
The second, and most recent, was inspired by the wonderful few years I spent at Wallara Ranch in the early 1980's. The characters who worked there and a few of the things which happened. It was a terrific place to spend some time and the scenery and constant flow of visitors and stories deserved a book. It is around 350 pages and part fact, part fiction.
You can download it for a read if you want as a PDF file.
Besides this, I have spent my time writing stories for the paper, for Territory Travellers Tales, and now for web sites.
As a publisher I have never had anything I have written rejected!!!
One advantage of owning your own newspaper and websites.
For this reason I am also my own critic. Something I can only make pesonal judgement on.
You may find some of the stuff is not as good as I think. That is your opinion and I can only respect it.
Whatever, it has been good fun and I guess I am not finished yet.
I hope you enjoy my efforts.